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Application notes aren't getting older, just easier to find

HP and Keysight build products to last, and we know that you expect a robust suite of support information on the Web, no matter how old the product is. Take application notes for example: Did you know we have HP/Keysight app notes dating back to 1960 and earlier? The Web didn't even exist then!

Now you can access over 230 of these app notes on the Keysight Web site. These 'classic' app notes are typically quite old and out of print, but still contain content that can be very useful and valid.

The table below lists a few of the most popular application notes from those recently posted to the web site. To see the entire list, download the spreadsheet using the link at the bottom of the page.


Sampling of the 'Classic' App Notes Recently Added
AN Title Publication Number
15   Distortion and Intermodulation 5989-6188EN
16   Waves on Transmission Lines 5989-6189EN
30   Measurement of Cable Characteristics 5989-6190EN
52   Frequency and Time Standards 5989-6171EN
52-1   Fundamentals of Time and Frequency Standards 5989-6183EN
56   Microwave Mismatch Error Analysis 5989-6191EN
59   Loop Gain Measurements with Wave Analyzers 5989-6193EN
62   TDR Fundamentals for Use With the 54120T Digitizing Oscilloscope and TDR 5951-0062
62-1   Improving Time Domain Network Analysis Measurements 5989-6187EN
62-2   TDR Techniques for Differential Systems 5989-6184EN
62-3   Advanced TDR Techniques 5989-6185EN
64-1C   Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements 5965-6630E
95   S-Parameters... Circuit Analysis and Design 5952-0918
95-1   S-Parameter Techniques for Faster, More Accurate Network Design 5952-1130
120   A New Technique for Pulsed RF Measurements 5952-0533
123   Floating Measurements and Guarding 5952-2153
150-1   Spectrum Analysis Amplitude and Frequency Modulation 5954-9130
150-3   Swept Frequency Measurements and Selective Frequency Counting with a Tracking Generator 5952-1109
207   Understanding and Measuring Phase Noise in the Frequency Domain 5952-8708
358-9   Modulation Domain Techniques for Measuring Complex Radar Singals 5952-8003
358-10   Characterizing Barker Coded Modulation in Radar Systems 5952-8004
358-11   Characterizing Chirp Coded Modulation in Radar Systems 5952-8005

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The complete list of recently added 'classic' application notes 
View the complete list of all 'classic' application notes recently added to the web.

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