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Can I print graphics and tabular data from the Keysight 8510C?

Printing is done from the RS232 serial port, or via the HPIB port using the ITEL converter. You can use many DeskJet and LaserJet printers: LJ4P, 4Plus, 4mv, 4L, DJ500, 520, 540, 550C, 560C, 660C, 1200C, 1600C, 310, 320. The fastest printing is accomplished using the ITEL converter, which connects to the HPIB port connector called 8510C interconnect.

Intelligent Interfaces Inc. sells the Microplot 50, which converts the HPGL language to parallel interface used by printers.

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Call Intelligent Interfaces at 800-842-0888.

See page 6-1 in the 8510C Operating and Service Manual for details.