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IO Libraries support of IEEE 1394 CardBus/PCMCIA Cards

Last change of this page: February 1, 2005.

Windows 98 SE/Me/2000/XP have built-in support for IEEE 1394, enabling us to support several IEEE 1394 CardBus/PCMCIA Cards. To ensure functionality of these cards with Keysight IO software, we have tested specific IEEE 1394 CardBus/PCMCIA cards with recent releases of the E2094 Keysight IO Libraries.

NOTE: IEEE 1394 CardBus/PCMCIA cards are not supported on Windows 95 or NT 4.0.

IEEE 1394 CardBus/PCMCIA Cards with the TI 1394 chipset:

The following cards have been tested and are supported with the J.01.01 (or later) IO Libraries:

  • SIIG 1394 FireWire, Model # NN-PCM012 (Note: This card is not compatible with HP OmniBook 4150A laptop computers. This card is compatible with HP OmniBook 4150B laptop computers).
  • SIIG 1394 2 Port Cardbus, Model # NN2627, Part # NN-PC2012
  • VST Technologies FireWire CardBus Card, Model # FWCBC (Note: VST Technologies has been acquired by SmartDisk Corp. This card is available from SmartDisk and several retailers; it is still labeled as a VST product).
  • Evergreen Technologies fireLINE CardBus/PCMCIA Card, Model # 90-FLCB-AAO

We expect other TI-based chipset CardBus/PCMCIA Cards to work, but we cannot support them without official testing and qualification.

IEEE 1394 CardBus/PCMCIA Cards with the NEC 1394 chipset:

The following cards have been tested and are supported with the J.01.02 (or later) IO Libraries:

  • OrangeMicro OrangeLink FireWire CardBus PC Card, Model # 70HTL00040
  • RATOC Systems IEEE1394 CardBus PC Card, Model # CBFW1/CBFW1U
  • Adaptec Fireconnect for Notebooks, Model # 2053200

Note that the NEC-based chipset currently has a smaller buffer size that will impact performance.

Other chipsets (e.g., Sony, VIA Technologies, Philips, Lucent) have not been tested and are not supported.