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89600 VSA Software Help Text and Installation Guide

This file is a self extracting archive of the 89600 documentation. After extracting into a folder on your PC run 89600.chm to begin viewing the documentation.

The following information is available as Windows® Help in this archive:

  • Getting Started
  • Installation, Licensing, and Hardware Setup
  • Product Overview
  • 89600-Series Applications
  • Tutorial
  • Sharing Data With Other Applications
  • Writing Macros
  • 89600 Optional Measurement Software
  • Reference
  • Troubleshooting
  • Product and Application Notes
  • VSA Concepts

Additional assistance is provided with these guides:

  • 89600 COM Programming Guide (com_89601.chm)
  • Installation and VXI Service Guide (InstallationGuide.pdf)

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Documents & Downloads

89600 VSA Software Help Text and Installation Guide 
Self Extracting archive of 89600 documentation Version 12.00.

Help File 2010-04-30

89600 VSA Software Installation and VXI Service Guide 
Instructions for installing the 89600 Series VSA Software and connecting your instrument. Diagnostics and service information for VXI hardware.

Installation Manual 2010-03-01

null PDF 7.16 MB