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What are the advantages of using the 8590EM EMC Analyzer over 8590E Series with the 85712D Personality?

8590EM Series vs 8590E Series with 85712D DLP
8590EM Series8590E Series with 85712D
Real-time log frequency sweep which is very helpful for conducted emissions measurements.There is a static log graph which is available.
Two limit lines and margins which is convenient for requirements that have both quasi-peak and average limits.There is one limit line and margin.
Built-in average detector.The video filter is used to perform average detection.
Up to 239 signals can be measured and stored to the internal list.Only 20 signals can be measured and stored to the internal list.
The internal list has sorting, editing, and re-measurement capability.There is no sorting, editing, or re-measurement capability.
There are 4 sets of individual correction factors which can be sumed together and applied "real-time" to the display.There is 1 set of correction factors which is applied to the display.
IF overload detection and autoranging to adjust the reference level to compensate for large signals.No IF overload detection or autoranging available.
Perform stepped measurements on broadband signals to get peak, quasi-peak, and average measurements over a broad span.No stepped measurement available.
Print a complete report including signal list, graphics, instrument setup, and a full page of text.Print 1 page of graphics or the 20 signal list.
The IF bandwidths and the frequency bands are coupled to insure accurate measurements.No IF bandwidth to frequency coupling.
Configure the output of the table to include your choice of peak, quasi-peak, average, difference to limit, correction factors, and marked signals.The output of the 20 signal list is not configurable.
The windows functionality is integrated into the measurement capability.The windows functioanlity is turned off when any DLP is activated in the 8590E series.
All functions are intergated into the instruments software, so no DLP is required to be loaded to perform the measurements.The personality card is required for the measurements.