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Why am I receiving a "NRBW FAIL" message on the 8590 Series Spectrum Analyzer screen during the internal self-calibration?

The Narrow Resolution BW, Option 130: The following list should be tried in order:

1. Make sure the instrument has the proper warm up as this board is extremely temperature sensitive. In order to calibrate the narrow bandwidths, a narrow span must be selected. Any drift due to an insufficient warm up can cause a "NRBW Fail message. Sometimes a default calibration data must be performed and then an internal self-recalibration must be performed. A default calibration data does not erase any of the factory calibration constants. To perform a default calibration data, on the analyzer, press:

  • Frequency
  • -37 Hz
  • Cal
  • More
  • More
  • Default Cal Data

2. Now try performing the internal self-calibrations to see if the narrow resolution BW board will successfully calibrate.

If the self calibration continues to fail, the NRBW board may be defective.