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Keysight Technologies 11807B Option 050, Motorola TACS Cell Site Test Software User's Guide (Jul97)

This User's Guide is for Software Version: B.00.01 and Above.

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Contents of the Keysight Technologies 11807B Option 050, Motorola TACS Cell Site Test Software User's Guide:

Chapter 1, Product Description

Chapter 2, Equipment

This chapter describes items you need, or may need to have before you can begin testing. Some items may become permanent test accessories, installed at the cell site.

Chapter 3, Setting Up

This chapter shows you how to:

  • Make connections to the equipment in the system.
  • Measure or determine calibration parameters.
  • Make, load, delete, copy and secure Procedures.
  • Enter pass/fail limits, parameters, and an external device configuration.
  • Set up data collection.

Chapter 4, Running Tests

Chapter 5, TESTs - Reference

Important aspects of TEST_01 through TEST_11 are described in this chapter.

Chapter 6, Parameters - Reference

Parameters are used by the test software to optimize the program for your specific application.

Chapter 7, Pass/Fail Limits (Specifications) - Reference

Pass/Fail Limits, or specifications, are values that the software uses to determine the pass/fail status of a test. The default entries for pass/fail limits have been derived from EIA and Motorola specifications.

Chapter 8, Problem Solving

This chapter describes some of the problems that may come up during testing, and ways to resolve them.

Appendix A: Using the Keysight Technologies 3488A

Appendix B: Test Set Measurement Settings


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