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VXI Puts Chinese Refrigerators Through Tests


An older test system, based on a 256-channel industrial plot recorder and switch components, was used for testing. Throughput was low, because the system was inflexible and could complete only one kind of test for a single batch of refrigerators. When they were tested sequentially, only six refrigerators could be tested per week.


To replace the aging system, a new Keysight Technologies VXI test system was chosen, the primary components of which are a Keysight E1413C scanning A/D converter and two Keysight E1332A 4-channel counter/totalizers. Keysight's System Solutions Division (SSV) integrated the system at the manufacturer's site.

VXI was chosen because of its speed, industry-standard architecture, easy integration, and small footprint. Keysight also had extensive experience in test and measurement and a reputation for quality.

VEE was picked as the test development software because of its friendly human interface, high productivity, and ease of use.

For the entire Case Study which describes the testing and results with a Keysight VXI E8400A 13-slot C-size mainframe system and VEE software, see the document attached to this page.