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Signal Integrity Design Using Channel Simulation and EM Co-design

Signal Integrity Design

Signal integrity engineers need to determine ultralow bit-error-rate (BER) contours for thousands of points in the design space in order to select the optimum set of characteristics for transmitter, channel, and receiver. Traditional techniques consume a prohibitively long simulation time. For this reason, Agilent has implemented a new statistical mode in our Channel Simulator that eliminates the need for long, multi-million-bit simulations. Now you can generate eye diagrams with ultralow BER contours in just a few seconds.

This in-depth hands-on workshop will demonstrate the “what if” design space exploration workflow that our new statistical eye diagram channel simulator enables, and will also cover tools and modes that can be used in exceptional cases (e.g. equalizer adaptation, non-linearity, or specific bit patterns) where statistical eye techniques cannot be applied.

You will get first hand experiencing using signal integrity features that are new in ADS 2009 Update 1 and EMPro 2009, including electromagnetic (EM) co-design using critical nets extracted from enterprise board tools such as Cadence Allegro.

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