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MATLAB M9384B Measurement Guide Programming Examples

This program is designed to be an additional tool for Keysight VXG users and developers. This program automates the measurements in the VXG Measurement Guide and has two additional functions to automate EVM and ACP vs. Power.

To download the program click here


Required Equipment and Software:

  1. Keysight X-Series Analyzer with Software version A.24.57 or later. (Note: Some measurements go up to 44 GHz and they will be cut off if your analyzer cannot go that high)
  2. MATLAB 2019b or later installed on PC or X-Series Analyzer.
  3. VSA version or later (VSA portion only)
  4. A Keysight VXG (Single or Dual Channel) Vector Signal Generator.
  5. Physical connections specified by the official M9384B Measurement Guide.
  6. LAN connections to both instruments you wish to control.
  7. M9384B 5G NR Waveforms and Setup Files
  8. Keysight Connection Expert


Additional Resources: