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Integrated RF Test Solution

PXI-based, high performance ATE for component, SOC and SIP test

Combining Marvin Test Solutions’ TS-960e PXI platform with Keysight Technologies’ RF instrumentation, customers can address a wide range of RF and mixed-signal devices for both wafer and packaged test.

  • 21 slot, manipulator-ready, high power PXIe platform with integrated receiver
  • Supports a wide range of RF test applications, 9 KHz to 50 GHz; for wafer and packaged test
  • RF instrumentation options include Keysight’s vector signal generators, vector signal analyzers, and vector network analyzers
  • Advanced digital subsystem, with PMU, and timing per pin with sub-nsec edge placement
  • Support for baseband test applications using MTS and Keysight PXI/PXIe switching and instrumentation
  • Full featured, open architecture software tools support device characterization and production test




Integrated RF Test Solution
Co-branded Solutions Partner brochure with Marvin Test Solutions on Integrated RF Test Solution

Solution Brief       2017-04-25      PDF 236 KB