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Do the mmW EXA specifications match the to-be-discontinued 856x series analyzer in terms of DANL and phase noise?

The displayed average noise level specifications on the standard mmW EXA are better than the 856x.  Additionally, since the mmW EXA's offer an internal preamplifier option (N9010A-P32 or N9010A-P44) that the 856x did not offer, the displayed average noise level specifications on the mmW EXA's with the internal preamplifier enabled and turned on are even better. 

The mmW EXA's phase noise performance is not as good as that of the 856x series analyzer.  Both the phase noise and DANL specifications can be compared in the following data sheets.

Documents & Downloads

8560 EC Series Spectrum Analyzers - Data Sheet 
The 8560 EC Series spectrum analyzers are obsolete and have been replaced by the Keysight X-Series signal analyzers. Visit /find/856x_to_X-Series for detailed migration information.

Data Sheet 2011-12-08

N9010A EXA X-Series Signal Analyzer - Data Sheet 
This data sheet includes key specifications such as frequency and time, amplitude accuracy, range, and dynamic range, as well as PowerSuite measurements, inputs and outputs.

Data Sheet 2017-12-01