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How can I set up File Security and board directories with NFS share?

WARNING: Setting up a mixed NFS network requires specific expertise in network management, UNIX and Windows® operating systems, and NIS services. It is highly recommended that you consult your company IT experts before beginning. Failure to understand and communicate with your company IT experts could result in damage to the network.

Once you have enabled “Client for NFS”, you can mount any NFS share on your network. There are a few ways to set up NFS share file security. The first would be to secure the server by using machine authentication and removing security from the files themselves. This method is similar to what is done in the UNIX environment today. Testheads/machines are given access to the files on the server and any user with a valid login on the testhead has access to those files. The second would be to use a Name Mapping Server to allow individual user authentication by matching Windows user accounts to UNIX user accounts. The first approach allows the test engineering department to set up and control system access. The second approach allows more flexibility and security but will require collaboration with the company IT department to set up a Name Mapping Server on the domain. In some instances, site IT may already have a Name Mapping Server running on the domain.

1. If NFS is exported properly and set up for anonymous access and the mode on the shared files is 777, one can easily mount the NFS share on the Windows 7 machine by opening Windows Explorer and selecting Tools > Map Network Drive, then picking an available drive letter. Under the Folder, enter \\\ and click ok .

2. In most cases, if you try to open the mounted drive, you are likely to receive an “Access is denied” notification. The reason is that both Windows and UNIX use different mechanisms for user identification, authentication, and resource access control.

The mechanism of identifying a user on the Windows-based system is different from the UNIX-based system, which uses User Identification (UID) and Group Identification (GID). Therefore, to access resources on a UNIX-based system from a Windows-based system and vice versa, we have to map user information between Windows-based system and Unix-based system. Please consult your company IT for setting up a Name Mapping Server on the domain.

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