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Learn About Modern Radar Measurement Techniques With These Resources From Keysight

  • New! Learn about modern radar measurement techniques with these resources from KeysightUsing SystemVue’s Radar Library to Generate Signals for Radar Design and Verification – application note presents a less expensive option for generating test signals early in system development.
  • New! Reducing Measurement Times and Improving Economic Competitiveness in Antenna and RCS Applications - helps you learn how to achieve speed improvements in RCS and far- and near-field antenna measurements
  • Solutions for Wideband Radar and Satcom Measurements - Using wide bandwidth oscilloscopes to directly measure and analyze X, Ku, and Ka-band Radar and Satcom transmitter outputs up to 32 GHz
  • The Radar Measurements Application Note provides an in-depth look at making advanced radar measurements.

  • The Radar Fundamentals poster has picturesque displays of PRF, radar block diagrams, basic equations, standard nomenclature and the latest radar equipment for your toughest radar test challenges.

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