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83711A/11B and 83712A/12B Synthesized CW Generators Calibration Guide (Nov 1998)

This book contains the information required to verify and adjust the performance of your synthesizer.

It is divided into the following chapters:

Chapter 1, "Specifications," contains a list of the specifications and supplemental characteristics for each instrument: HP 83711A, HP 83712A, HP 83711B, HP 83712B, HP 83731A, HP 83732A, HP 83731B, HP 83732B.

Chapter 2, "Equipment Required," contains the "Required Test Equipment" table which lists the equipment necessary for performance tests, along with critical specifications and recommended models.

Chapter 3, "Performance Tests," contains procedures which verify all of the instrument hard specifications

Chapter 4, "Performance Test Record," contains the worksheets for recording performance test values. There is a separate test record for each of the four synthesizers covered in this book. The test record should be treated as a master; copies should be made where actual records are kept.

Chapter 5, "Operation Verification," contains a procedure used to verify the synthesizer's functionality.

Chapter 6, "Adjustments," contain the procedures to manually adjust the synthesizer after certain repairs and for improved performance.

Chapter 7, "Service Software," contain the procedures to automatically adjust the synthesizer after certain repairs and for improved performance.

Chapter 8, "Maintenance and Service," contains information about cleaning the instrument, packaging the instrument and shipping it back to Hewlett-Packard, a table of the sales and service offices, and blue service tags

Chapter 9, "Legal and Regulatory Information," pertains to the safety and the warranty.

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