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How can I recover my E2929B from an interrupted firmware upgrade?

  1. On the E2929B board set Jumper #3 of S101 to Off
  2. Power on the E2929B. The Hex display should now show CorJ or CorR.
  3. Open the file best.ini which is located in the bin directory of your installation path.
  4. Add the line CoreOpen = TRUE
  5. Now open the GUI and you should be able to connect to the testcard. The GUI will give you some messages about missing capabilities, but that is ok.
  6. Next open the Command Line Interface (CLI).
  7. Enter the command biosload file="../hw/bios_hex.mot". The command should download the latest firmware. It will take approximately 1 minute.
  8. Finally, return jumper #3 of S101 to On, close the GUI and cycle power on your E2929B.

You should be able to continue with the normal hardware update.