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Can you advise of alternatives to printing and acquiring screen images from the various Keysight Analyzers equipped with only a GP-IB interface?

There are two free-of-charge solutions available:

  1. Keysight BenchVue is a Keysight application that connects to many popular instruments. BenchVue provides one click screen shot and data capture with easy export to popular documentation tools and file formats. For additional information and to download, visit BenchVue Software.
  2. For many "legacy" (or obsolete) products, the Keysight Intuilink application is NOT COMPATIBLE. For these products, there is a NON-SUPPORTED application, "Keysight Screen Capture 2.0". This is a free application that may provide for image acquisition on some obsolete Keysight/Agilent/Hewlett-Packard instruments. Again, note that there is no support for this product. It is provided free-of-charge and there are no warranties either expressed or implied. For information, visit Keysight Screen Capture 2.0

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