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Связаться с экспертом

Does the X8711A support SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) for remote programming, instead of using the KS833xxx Measurement Suite?

The X8711A does not support SCPI commands. However, the 34999A .NET DLL is provided and can be used with a compatible software development environment , example C# and LabVIEW. If the X8711A’s ready-made test software (KS83301/KS83302A measurement suite that is built on Keysight TAP) does not meet your needs, you have the option to develop your own automation test software utilizing the DLL to access the functionality of 34999A RF module.

The 34999A .NET DLL allows you to access the methods and properties in a structured manner to execute the instrument connection, establish a signaling link, make measurements and get measurement results.

The 34999A .NET DLL (Keysight.34999A.dll) can be installed using the X8711A Install Wizard. By default, it is installed at C:\Program Files\Keysight\34999\dotNet Driver\Bin (x86 x64). The help file (Kt34999A.chm) can be found in the same directory.

The following video series are a step-by-step guide on how to create a BLE/WLAN test program with X8711A using C# and LabVIEW:

Using C#/LabVIEW to create a test program with X8711A
Episode 1 – Overview : https://youtu.be/WLAYTWzVUU0 

Using C#:
Episode 2a – Getting Started, using C# : https://youtu.be/eZpgvSQzTno  
Episode 3a – BLE Test, using C# : https://youtu.be/4SdYC10jwck  
Episode 4a – WLAN Test, using C# : https://youtu.be/De1TOtfNrOU  

Using LabVIEW:
Episode 2b – Getting Started, using LabVIEW : https://youtu.be/VlFQunrxLw8  
Episode 3b – BLE Test, using LabVIEW : https://youtu.be/_9F6AtYaYrg  
Episode 4b – WLAN test, using LabVIEW : https://youtu.be/bnxR-yAY7GE  

The example codes used in the video series can be downloaded at here. Download contains updated examples using the new 34999A driver revision and may be slightly different than the video.

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