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Measurement Solution – PCIe® 3.0 Transmitter Test


Configurations Available for Silicon Validation (BASE spec), Add-In Cards and Motherboards (CEM spec)

  • Validate performance against the PCI-SIGs® specs
  • Supports PCI Express® 3.0, 2.0, and 1.x


PCIe® Add-In Card Transmitter Test Setup Sample Configuration







  • CBB3.0 PCI Express Compliance Fixture (supplied by PCI-SIG)
  • SMP Connector Adapters & Cables (complete list available)


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PCI Express Transmitter Electrical Validation and Compliance Testing - Application Note 
This application note is intended for digital designers and developers validating electrical performance of PCI Express-based designs and working toward electrical compliance of PCI Express products.

Руководство по применению 2011-10-28

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Advanced Techniques for Increasing Eye & Jitter Margins of PCI Express 3.0 Devices – Application Not 
The PCI Express 3.0 specification introduced significant innovations in high speed digital signaling while also comprehending the need to support commonly used, low cost materials used in high volume manufacturing

Руководство по применению 2014-11-06

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N5393A PCI Express® 3.0 (Gen3) Software for Infiniium Oscilloscopes - Data Sheet 
Keysight Technologies N5393C PCI Express electrical performance validation and compliance software provides you with a fast and easy way to verify and debug your PCI Express designs for add-in cards and motherboard systems. The PCI Express electrical test software allows you to automatically execute PCI Express electrical checklist tests, and it displays the results in a flexible report format. In addition to the measurement data, the report provides a margin analysis that shows how closely your device passed or failed each test.

Техническая информация 2013-05-07

PCI-SIG website (PCI Express standards body) 
PCI-SIG website

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