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What causes the "Final IF Overload" message and how do I correct for the message?

This message occurs when the Final IF is overloaded. This occurs at a mixer level > -8 dBm. The mixer level can be set manually by increasing or decreasing the Input Attenuation. The mixer level is the Input level minus the input attenuation.


Input Level = 20 dBm

Input Attenuation = 30 dB

Mixer Level = Input Level - Attenuator Level

               = 20 dBm - 30 dB

               = -10 dBm

The input attenuation can be adjusted manually by pressing the Amplitude hard key and keying in the desired attenuation in the Spectrum Analyzer mode. The default Mixer Level is set to -10 dBm. If the attenuator is set to auto, the attenuator is set based upon the current Reference Level setting.