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How can I de-embed a test fixture using the 86100C/D Digital Communications Analyzer?

The new N1010A FlexDCA software includes an option, InfiniiSIM-DCA, which provides the capability to de-embed and embed fixtures, cables, probes, and other circuit elements. The N1010A software can run directly on the 86100D mainframe and connect to an 86100C (or 86100D) mainframe when installed on an external PC. Additional information is available in the N1010A Software Data Sheet.

The core N1010A software includes waveform signal processing capability such as math operations, filter functions, and an FFT function. Installing the N1010A-SIM option will enable simulation transforms which provide embedding and de-embedding capability. This functionality is accessed from the waveform signal processing menu in the N1010A software.

Selecting the simulation tab displays the de-embedding and embedding functions.




A summary of performing basic N1010A de-embedding operations is provided in the short video at:

Many advanced operations can also be performed by the N1010A-SIM software, including de-embedding a fixture defined by an S4P file then embedding a target system defined by a different S4P file. Here are two different approaches to accomplish this in the FlexDCA software.

Method 1:

        Create a network using two “Remove s4p” blocks and one “Apply s4p” block:

By default the output of “Remove s4p” block is set to “Differential”. Change it to “Single-Ended (+)” for the upper and “Single-Ended (-)” for the lower “Remove s4p” block:

Choose the same S4P file describing the fixture for the “Remove s4p” blocks, and then the desired S4P file of the target system for the “Apply S4P” block.

Method 2:

        Use the generic “De-Embedding” block.

Double-click it and create a new network:

Double-click the “Channel” icon. Notice that there are two tabs. Start with the “Measurement Circuit” and choose “File” for the “Circuit Block Type”. Select the S4P file of the fixture:

Go to the “Measurement Circuit” tab and choose “File” for the “Circuit Block Type”. Select the S4P file of the target system:

Both methods can be used to remove a fixture defined by an S4P file then add a target system defined by a different S4P file.

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N1010A DeEmbed Demo Flash Video 
N1010A DeEmbed Demo Flash Video

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N1010A FlexDCA Remote Access Software - Data Sheet 
N1010A FlexDCA Remote Access Software provides oscilloscope, eye/mask and jitter mode measurement capabilities on your PC. The powerful new software application provides offline and connected measurement capability for both the 86100C DCA-J and 86100D DCA-X oscilloscopes.

Техническая информация 2017-06-29

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