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Help Me Find My Host Information

This information applies to the following instrument model numbers:

  • 33210A
  • 33521A
  • 33522A
  • 53230A
  • N6705B

What Is a Host?

A host is a permanent, unique identifier to an Agilent instrument that locks licenses to that particular instrument. If the host information provided at the time the license is generated is wrong, then the license will not enable the features purchased.

Note: It is important that you enter the correct host information. Your license will not enable the new features if the host information does not exactly match your instrument.

Where Can I Find the Host ID?

The Host ID is the model and/or serial number of the product, both of which can be found on the serial number label on the back of the instrument.

  • The instrument model number will be 6 characters.
  • The serial number will be two letters (MY or SG) followed by eight digits.