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53200 Series: How do you set the measurement timeout on the 53210A, 53220A, 53230A counters?

The measurement time-out is the time allowed for each measurement to complete. If a measurement does not complete before the time out expires, 9.91E37 (not a number) is returned and the display indication is: - - - - - - -. The sequence continues with the next reading in the sample count. Specifying a time out prevents the instrument from pausing indefinitely if for some reason a measurement is unable to complete.

- time is the specified time out in the range of 10 ms to 2,000s with 1 ms resolution. The time out setting can affect reading throughput when multiple readings are taken during the trigger cycle. Trigger delays, gate times, and gate delays should be considered when setting an optimum time out value. The time out setting is stored in non-volatile memory and is not changed following a reset (*RST) or instrument preset (SYSTem:PREset or Preset key).

When shipped from the factory the measurement time out is disabled.

Specifying a time of 9.9E+37 or sending the SYSTem:SECurity:IMMediate command also disables the time out. When the time out is disabled, the instrument will wait indefinitely for the measurement to complete.