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Why is the "E-230 data corrupt or stale" error message occasionally displayed on the E4980A when the operating procedure for saving a measurement data in the USB flash memory stick is performed?

The E-230 error message is generated when either of the following errors occurred in the operation for saving a data in the USB memory stick.

Case 1: An error occurred in the operating procedure for saving a data in the USB memory stick


The measurement data needs to be saved once in the internal data buffer memory before being saved in the USB memory stick. If the operating procedure for saving the data in the buffer memory is not performed correctly, the E-230 error message is displayed. A flowchart for the method of saving data is shown in Figure 6-5 in Chapter 6 of the E4980A User's Guide. To avoid the error, carry out the procedure described in "How to save the measurement result of List Sweep Measurement to USB memory" in the chapter 6.

Note: The following E4980A FAQ provides same operating procedure as that described in the User's Guide:

Note: When the list sweep function is not used, take a desired number of measurements using manual trigger mode and save the data.

Case 2: Incompatible USB memory stick was used


When the USB memory stick is not compatible with the E4980A, the E-230 error message or another symptom is caused. Use the recommended USB memory stick to ensure error-free data memory operation. For the details of the compatible USB memory stick devices, refer to the following E4980A FAQs: