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Связаться с экспертом

Does the Keysight E2960B, also known as N5309A, Exerciser have a signal or chip reset for the output signal?

The Agilent E2960B or N5309A exerciser can assert a PE_RST by following these steps:

  1. Start the Exerciser GUI and connect to the exerciser via GUI as usual. Then start the TCL shell and execute the following commands within the TCL shell.
  2. source tclshrc.tcl (this is in the samples that was installed with the software). It will set up and include the necessary TCL libraries.
  3. I command lists the number of open sessions
  4. AgtConnect x (x = session number you got from the ‘l’ command above)
  5. Use the following TCL command:
    AgtInvoke AgtSptCommon ProbeBoardExecute 1 SPT_PROBEBOARDEXECUTE_PCIE_RESET

This will toggle the PE_RST pin on the bottom N5309A PCIe edge connector.

Note the exerciser has to be set to "ToDownstream" mode for this, because in "ToUpstream" session mode it acts as an add-in card, which usually isn't expected to assert PE_RST.

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