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Does the frequency counter come standard with a 10MHz external time base option?

The Agilent RF and Universal frequency counters (53181A, 53131A, 53132A, 53210A, 53220A, 53230A) come standard with a 10MHz internal time base. This time base can be routed to other instruments for synchronization. There are time base upgrade options available to provide additional accuracy and stability (Options 010, 012 (53132A only)).

Additionally, you may supply your own time base standard as input into the counter. Sometimes this is a GPS clock or a house standard. That external time base can then be used to make even more accurate measurements than our optional time bases may be able to provide.

Note that the input reference clock may be 1 MHz, 5 MHz, or 10 MHz. However, the output is always 10 MHz.