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What is a recommended USB memory device for the E4980A and the E4981A?

16GB USB Memory (Keysight PN 1819-1235) and 4 GB USB Memory (Keysight PN 1819-0637) is recommended in place of the discontinued 64 MB (Keysight PN 1818-8989), 512 MB USB Memory (Keysight PN 1819-0195), 1 GB USB Memory (Keysight PN 1819-0375) and 4 GB USB Memory (Keysight PN 1819-0514) devices. The PN 1819-0240 256 MB USB Memory cannot be used with the E4980A and the E4981A because it does not function with the save/recall operation on the E4980A and the E4981A.