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For the E4406A VSA, PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers with the latest firmware and the X-Series Signal Analyzers, why are the displayed results for W-CDMA Modulation Accuracy (Rho) different than those queried using the "READ:RHO[1]?" command?

Previously with PSA A.06 firmware (E4406A A.07 firmware), mod accuracy only supported 1 slot capture. The current firmware now supports capturing a full frame, and this is the new default setting.

To keep backward compatibility, "READ:RHO[1]?" includes Peak and Averaged results mixed. Current firmware additionally has two new results traces: "READ:RHO14?" (Averaged data only), and "READ:RHO15?" (Peak hold only). Furthermore, the displayed results are just for the chosen slot and not for the full frame. You can scroll through the results for all of the slots by putting the analyzer in single sweep, making the measurement, and under the meas setup key changing the meas offset to the slot you wish to view. You can also set the PSA to just capture one slot of data like it did with A.07 firmware, which significantly speeds up the measurement.

Please refer to the PSA W-CDMA Manual for more details on what is returned remotely using the "read:rho1?", "read:rho14?" and "read:rho15?" commands.

MXA N9020A and EXA N9010A both use one frame as the default the same way the latest PSA firmware does.

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PSA Spectrum Analyzer and E4406A VSA Signal Analyzer W-CDMA with HSDPA/HSUPA Guide 
User's guide for W-CDMA with HSDPA/HSUPA in the PSA series: E4440A, E4443A, E4445A, E4446A, E4447A, E4448A spectrum analyzers and the E4406A VSA signal analyzer. (Options BAF and 210)

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