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Keysight EEsof EDA Foundry and Industry Partners

Keysight EEsof EDA Industry Partners

Keysight EDA partners with a diverse range of companies to provide enhanced solutions and support to complement your Keysight EDA investment. Our partnerships with industry leaders also provide more flexible EDA solutions that support a wide variety of design flows and platforms.

We have created the following pages to help keep you informed of our partners and other industry vendors that provide added value for your Keysight EDA investment. The lists below represent some of the many companies that provide foundry Process Design Kits (PDKs), design flow enhancements, services, data and plug-in tools that are compatible with Keysight EDA solutions.

For more information on becoming a Keysight EDA partner or industry resource, refer to our Resource and Partnership Information.

Keysight EDA Foundry and Component Vendor Partners

When choosing a high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA) tool, it is critical to consider how to obtain models from foundries and component manufacturers in order to successfully complete your design cycle. Keysight EDA is committed to ongoing partnerships with foundries and vendors to provide the most accurate models to help speed your designs to manufacturing. Keysight EDA has the largest number of high-frequency foundry partners providing PDKs for today’s popular foundry processes.

For more information, refer to our brochure on Foundry and Component Vendor Libraries for Keysight EEsof EDA Simulators.

Foundry Partners

IC foundries offer semiconductor processes that are characterized by PDKs containing active and passive device simulation models for IC design. Keysight EDA works closely with foundries to offer you high-frequency PDKs in Si, SiGe, GaAs, InP and GaN processes.

You typically find complete, front-to-back ADS PDKs including DRC rules and Momentum stack-up files for all GaAs, InP and GaN processes, but also for a broad range of SiGe and RF-CMOS processes.

For front-end only design and simulation, there is also broad range of corresponding ADS PDKs for CMOS processes available. In addition, you can still work in ADS using native Cadence Virtuoso PDKs through the ADS “Dynamic Link” option.

Also, for the Advanced Design System (ADS) 2011 release of the software, you will find a broad range of PDKs. The kits work seamlessly with ADS 2011, ADS 2009 Update 1 and prior ADS releases.

Beyond ADS, when you are working in the Cadence Virtuoso platform for large-scale RFIC design, you will also find Keysight's GoldenGate RFIC Simulation Software for circuit simulation, analysis and verification and Keysight’s Momentum 3D Planar EM Simulator are natively supported in the corresponding Virtuoso PDKs.

For more information, refer to Foundry Partners.

Component Vendor Partners

Keysight EDA teams up with leading component manufacturers worldwide to provide more than 100,000 part libraries. Approximately 90% of the libraries come with layout footprints for a fast track to physical hardware. The wide variety of libraries includes active circuit and system components, passive components, and high-speed connectors.

Component manufacturers provide their ADS-compatible model libraries as downloads from their websites. You download the latest component libraries without being dependent on the ADS software release schedule, and you have access to manufacturing components much earlier in the design cycle. Models are easy to install in ADS.
In addition, many more component vendors offer S-parameter libraries in the s2p Touchstone format established by Keysight EDA for download and simulation within ADS and the Genesys RF and Microwave Design Software.

For more information, refer to Vendor Component Libraries.

Additional Partners and Industry Resources

Learn more about Keysight EDA Software.