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How to maintain 16195B?

The 16195B which consists of Open, Short, 50 Ω Load and Low-loss Capacitor terminations is calibration kit for LCR Meter/Impedance Analyzer and Network Analyzer (NA). The 16195B itself does not have warranted specification as independent product. Maintenance of the 16195B depends on what instrument you calibrate with 16195B.

For LCR Meter/Impedance Analyzer users, LCR Meter/Impedance Analyzer uses 16195B pre-defined value stored in LCR Meter/Impedance Analyzer itself to calculate correction. 16195B characteristics can be checked by “Impedance Measurement Accuracy” test performed with LCR Meter/Impedance Analyzer by ordering Keysight Calibration service of LCR meter/Impedance Analyzer. There is no 16195B standalone calibration for LCR Meter/Impedance Analyzer. Send your 16195B with LCR Meter/Impedance Analyzer to Keysight service center, when you verify 16195B.

LCR Meter which can be calibrated by 16195B: 4287A, E4982A (16195B is furnished with the LCR Meter, when option 4287A-007/E4982A-007 is ordered. 16195B is NOT furnished with the LCR Meter, without ordering 4287A-007/E4982A-007.)

Impedance Analyzer which can be calibrated by 16195B: E4991A, E4991B (16195B is furnished with the Impedance Analyzer as the standard item of the Impedance Analyzer.)

For Network Analyzer users, NA does not have pre-defined value of 16195B and needs actual response characteristics of each 16195B devices to perform NA calibration. You can get this response characteristic values by ordering Keysight Re-characterization service of 16195B. This service provides the value set of Open, Short, 50 Ω Load, there is not Pass/Fail judgment. Send your 16195B to Keysight service center, when you re-characterize 16195B. Keysight notifies customer to replace the device, when Keysight finds a large gap from nominal value on a certain device.

Network Analyzer which can be calibrated by 16195B: E5061B (16195B is not the standard furnished item of E5061B, it needs to be ordered separately.)

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