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Does the E7415A EMI Measurement Software have support for Windows 2000 and Windows XP?

While the E7415A software has not been through the formal quality assurance process for use with Windows2000 or WindowsXP, we have had success with this. However, there are a few issues that may need to be overcome for this to work properly. The following is a list of things to be aware of when trying to get the E7415A software running under these operating systems.


E7415A Version:

You will need to be using the Latest Version of the E7415A software.


Recommended Current GPIB Interfaces:

We have also done some testing with the following GPIB cards, but it is recommended that the Keysight IO libraries be used with them:

  • National PCI-GPIB card
  • National PCMCIA-GPIB card


Recommended IO Libraries:

When using a Keysight GPIB interface it is recommended that the latest Keysight IO library version be used. These can be downloaded from https://www.keysight.com/find/iolib. However, versions of the IO libraries later than L.02.00 default the SICL name of the interface to GPIB0, so you will need to be sure and change it to hpib7 as this is what the E7415A software needs it to be.

When using a National Instrument GPIB interface it is recommended that version 1.70 of the National 488.2 software be installed and then the latestKeysight IO libraries be used to map the National interface as VISA GPIB0 and SICL hpib7. You will first need to install the National IO libraries and configure the card with them before the Keysight IO libraries will recognize and configure it.


Parallel Port Hardware Key:

While the version of the parallel port key driver that is included with the E7415A software installation package does appear to load and function just fine on most installations, it is possible that you may have trouble with this. If so there is a later version that is available for download from the key manufacturers web site.


Command Logger:

There is a tool in the E7415A software that is called the "Command Logger". The current version will not work under these new operating systems. This should not be a problem for most users, as it is not a part of the EMC testing process. It was intended as a development tool.


Initial GPIB Configuration:

It is recommended that GPIB communication be configured and verified between the computer and EMC analyzer being used before the E7415A software is ever installed. Whether the GPIB interface being used is from Keysight or National Instruments, it is recommended that it be configured using the latest version of the Keysight IO libraries. As mentioned above, if you are using a National interface you will first need to install the National I/O libraries and configure the card with them before the Keysight IO libraries will recognize and configure it.

Once the GPIB interface has been configured using the Keysight IO Config program be sure that it has set the VISA name to GPIB0 and the SICL name is hpib7. Otherwise you will get error messages from the E7415A software.

Then use the Keysight VISA Assistant to verify that the communications between your computer and EMC analyzer are functioning properly. Once this is verified then proceed with the E7415A installation.


Receiver Communication Setup:

When you run the E7415A software for the first time it will automatically run the Receiver Setup Wizard. It is recommended that you select "Cancel" when this comes up so that this can be done manually. After the Receiver Setup Wizard closes you will then be given the option to select a test setup. Since you are just interested in getting the communications configured properly at this time select "Cancel" again.

To manually select your EMC receiver select "Setup->Equipment". Select and expand the "Receivers" folder to see what receivers are already selected as well as what other ones are available. If the one that you are using is not already in the Receivers folder as either "Receiver 1" or "Receiver 2" then select it from the list of receivers on the right side of the window and press "Add". You will then want to set your receiver as "Receiver 1" so that all of the setups will automatically use it. To do this right click on "Receiver 1" and select "Replace With -> your receiver".

With your receiver now selected, and its setup information displayed on the right side of the window, verify the following settings are being used:

  • Communication Interface = GPIB0
  • Bus Address = 18 (same for the EMC receiver itself)
  • Communication Library = Agilent/HP VISA

You can now select "Check Device" and the software should come back with a message saying "The device communication has been successfully verified". At this point you are ready to select "File->New" to select your test standard and start using the software to make your EMC measurements.


Of course, with any software product there can be other issues that are related to other conflicts and/or configuration issues with your particular personal computer. If you still have problems installing the E7415A software, please call the Keysight technical support center in your area for further assistance.