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E4438C Vector Signal Generator License Key Installation

Enabling Options Fundamental Operation

You can retrofit your signal generator after purchase to add new capabilities. Some options are implemented in hardware that you must install. Some options are implemented in software but require the presence of optional hardware in the instrument. This example shows you how to enable a software license key option.

Enabling a Software Option

A license key is required to enable each software option. This license key is provided on the license key certificate that you receive when you purchase the software option. Access the Software Options menu by pressing Utility > Instrument Adjustments > Instrument Options > Software Options. Verify that the host ID shown on the display matches the host ID on the license key certificate. The host ID is a unique number for every instrument. If the host ID on the license key certificate does not match the instrument, the license key cannot enable the software option.

On the display is a list of software options that are already enabled (if any) and the software options that can be enabled. Refer to the configuration guide for software and hardware compatability. Before a software option can be enabled, the appropriate hardware option must be installed. If the software option that you intend to install is listed in a grey font, the required hardware may not be installed. (Look for an X in the "Selected" column of the appropriate Hardware Options menu.)

To enable the software option, highlight the desired option using the up/down arrow keys or the front panel knob.

Press Modify License Key. Enter the 12-character license key (from your license key certificate) using the softkeys and numeric keypad. When you have finished, press the Enter terminator softkey.

Press Proceed With Reconfiguration > Confirm Change to verify that you want to reconfigure the signal generator with the options for which you have provided a license key. The instrument will enable the options and reboot.

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E4428C & E4438C ESG Signal Generators User's Guide 
This user's guide describes the basic front panel operation of the E4428C and E4438C ESG signal generators. It includes front and rear panel connector descriptions.

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