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Does Keysight Technologies sell a product that enables remote control of a 8590 Series Spectrum Analyzer via a standard modem and telephone line?



Hamilton Software, Inc. has developed iPanels remote operation software for the Agilent 8590 Series of spectrum analyzers. iPanels provides the 8590 Series spectrum analyzers (configured with an RS-232 interface) remote control capability via a standard modem and telephone line.

Agilent Technologies offers Benchlink Spectrum Analyzer (E4444A)

General comparison of Hamilton Software, Inc. iPanels and Hewlett-Packard Benchlink Spectrum Analyzer:

  • Both applications provide for data acquisition to file;
  • Both applications provide image capture to file;
  • iPanels provides remote control and configuration capability of the 8590 Series analyzers, that is setting of start, stop, and center frequencies, amplitude scaling, reference level adjustments, marker control, and so on. The software provides remote front panel emulation.
  • Benchlink Spectrum Analyzer does not provide control and configuration capability of the 8590 Series analyzers.
  • iPanels price is higher than Benchlink Spectrum Analyzer due to iPanels remote control capabilities.

For additional information on the various methods of remote control of the Spectrum Analyzer

For additional information on iPanels http://www.hamsoft.com/

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