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Simplify UPS Design and Test using the Keysight AC Source with Built-in Dual Power Analyzer Option

The Dual Power Analyzer Option (OPT 020) is available on the Keysight 6811B, 6812B and 6813B ac power source/analyzer. A shunt accessory is included with the purchase of this option. The AC source presently comes with a single fully integrated power analyzer; this option gives customers a second full-featured power analyzer that can be used to measure any external signal. It is equivalent to a separate stand-alone power analyzer, but is integrated into the AC source with inputs accessible from the rear panel.

Option 020 allows users to make tightly synchronized measurements at the input and output of their device under test (DUT). One application where there is substantial value is in the area of UPS manufacturing. The Dual Power Analyzer option, in conjunction with the graphical user interface (GUI), allows UPS manufacturers to quickly make measurements such as transfer time and phase locking that would otherwise require multiple instruments and hours of manual measurements and calculations. In manufacturing where rack space is at a premium, the dual power analyzer option saves space. In any environment, the Windows based GUI simplifies the set-up and facilitates data collection and documentation.

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Testing Uninterruptible Power Supplies Using Keysight 6800 Series ac Power Source/Analyzers 
This Product Note describes how Keysight ac sources can be used to help test uninterruptible power supplies in many different environments, including research and development, manufacturing, and incoming inspection.

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