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Migrate from the 34401A to the New 34461A Truevolt Digital Multimeter (DMM)

Keysight Technologies has decided to discontinue the production of the 34401A digital multimeters (DMMs) on December 1, 2016. The last day to place an order for these products is November 30, 2016. Committed to providing world-class customer support, Keysight will continue to support these products for the standard period of 5 years. The replacement models for the 34401A are Keysight’s next-generation Truevolt Series DMMs.

The 34461A Truevolt DMM is a virtual drop-in replacement for the 34401A and offers improved usability and measurement technology. The Truevolt Series DMM’s graphic capabilities such as trend and histogram charts offer more insights quickly.

View 34461A & 34401A DMM Comparison Guide (compatibility & differences)

Comparison of Key Features

Feature improvements 34401A 34460A 34461A
(direct replacement )
Resolution (digits)
DCV accuracy 40 ppm 75 ppm 35 ppm
Reading rate maximum 1,000/s 300/s 1,000/s
Reading memory 512 reading 1,000 readings 10,000 readings
DC current 100 µA to 3 A 100 µA to 3 A 100 µA to 10 A
Capacitance, temperature              N/A Standard Standard
Display 1-line, VFD 2-line, color LCD 2-line, color LCD
I/O GPIB, RS232                     USB, OPT LAN & GPIB   USB, LAN, OPT GPIB

Documents & Downloads

Compatibility and Differences: 34461A and 34401A Digital Multimeters - Application Note 
This application note discusses the compatibility and differences between the Keysight 34461A and 34401A Digital Multimeters.

Application Note 2013-06-20

New Truevolt Digital Multimeter Offers 100 Percent Drop-in 34401A Replacement Compatibility - Demo 
Keysight senior test engineer Jim Walters shows a small example of a program written for the 34401A running on Keysight's 34461A.

Demo 2013-06-19

Moving from the 34401A to the Truevolt Digital Multimeters 34460A & 34461A - Demo 
Users will find a lot of the 34401A features more easily with the large display on the Truevolt multimeters.

Demo 2013-07-03

Digital Multimeters 34460A, 34461A, 34465A (6½ digit), 34470A (7½ digit) - Data Sheet 
Performance specifications for the Truevolt Series DMMs.

Data Sheet 2019-08-20

34461A and 34460A Truevolt DMM Interactive On-Line Demo 
Take an interactive demo tour of Keysight’s new Truevolt DMMs. See the new graphical user interface, display and measurement capabilities.

Demo 2013-11-17

Truevolt DMMs: 34460A, 34461A, 34465A, 34470A - Product Fact Sheet 
Product summary with key specifications and ordering information for the Truevolt Series DMMs.

Promotional Materials 2019-06-25

null PDF 409 KB
No Programming Required: Multisignal Capture and Analysis DMMs - Application Note 
This white paper explores how BenchVue can help you acquire multiple signals concurrently and interpret the data you receive from them faster. You will also learn how it helps you quickly synchronize measurements, graph measurements, and export data in a variety of common formats.

Application Note 2019-05-02

Viewing Graphical Results on a DMM Display - Application Note 
The 34461A offers a way to get insight into your measurement data without transferring your data to a PC.

Application Note 2017-12-05

34461A and 34460A Truevolt Series Digital Multimeter Standard Shipped Components 
List of standard components shipped with 34460A and 34461A Truevolt Series digital multimeters.

Reference Guide 2013-04-16