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Get the Latest in Satellite Test with these Useful Resources

Satellite Resources2015 Aerospace and Defense Symposium DVD. This year’s Symposium DVD contains 17 technical papers focused on electronic warfare, radar, general RF and microwave, satellite and terrestrial communications. Most paper presentations include extensive speaker notes and additional resources such as application notes, datasheets, technical overviews, demo videos and useful web links. Also included is archived symposium content from past years.

  • White Paper: Utilizing Commercial Best Practices for Success in NewSpace
    NewSpace is driving disruption that we haven’t seen since the original space race in the 1960’s. This paper describes the challenges that the new and unique business models put on electronic design and test strategies and processes. We will present ways to enable much higher volume with much lower cost while maintaining high quality.
  • Application Note:  Using Flexible Digital Modulation in the Testing of Satellite Regenerative Payloads - visits the challenges not found in conventional analog bent-pipe satellite testing – such as mixed-signal systems that carry analog and
    digital representations of modulated signals and digital modulation formats that may be wideband, higher-order or custom. This application note focuses on solutions for the issues that create risks in the integration of such systems.
  • Application Note: Modular Test Solution for Multiband SATCOM Monitoring – addresses the challenge of monitoring multiple 1.2 GHz satellite bands, from UHF through Ka, and multiple modulation schemes. The proposed solution replaces individual test units with a smaller modular platform and Keysight’s 89601B Vector Signal Analysis (VSA) software
  • Application Note: Measurement Considerations for Generating and Analyzing Millimeter- Wave Signals. This application note provides a survey of the COTS millimeter-frequency signal generation and analysis tools and the pros, cons and suggested selection criteria that will help you choose the best measurement solution for your requirements.
  • Application Note: Using Flexible Digital Modulation Testing for Satellite Regenerative Payloads - This application note focuses on solutions for the issues that create risks in the integration of mixed-signal systems with a mix of software and hardware tools. Examples focus on measurements of error vector magnitude (EVM), which is a key figure of merit for modulated signals implemented in either analog or digital form.
  • Application Note: GNSS Technologies and Receiver Testing – provides an overview of the four key global navigation satellite systems (GNSS); GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou, then covers receiver testing and custom scenarios.
  • Application Brief: Simulating Power Supply Transients and Noise in the Development and Validation of Satellite and Defense Systems. Discusses how to simulate the transients and noise that can crop up on power supply lines in an aircraft, a ship, a ground vehicle or a satellite by exploring, assessing and troubleshooting the behavior of the assemblies used in a satellite or defense system.

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