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Comparing HDMI and DisplayPort

The following table is provided as a quick comparison of HDMI and DisplayPort technologies.

Market HDTV/Gaming PCs
Technology TMDS (8B/10B) PCI-Express/New (8B/10B)
Configuration 4 lanes (3 Data, 1 Ck)
Differential, DC coupled
1,2, or 4 lanes (Embedded Clock)
Differential, AC coupled
Bit Rate 250Mbs to 3.4Gbs per lane 1.62, 2.7, or 5.4Gbs
Tx/Rx Negotiation EDID/DDC Aux Channel
Compliance Authorized Test Centers Qualified Test Houses
Ownership VESA
Std/Royalty Closed/Yes Open/No
Driving Need HDTV and HDCP Margin, embedded application
Models External External, Internal, and Embedded