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89600 VSA and WLA Software Education Program

Keysight Technologies is proud to support the education of future engineers with the 89600 VSA and WLA Software Educational Program. Through this program, students, educators, and researchers are provided easy, affordable access to the industry-leading 89600 VSA software, a comprehensive set of demodulation and vector signal analysis tools.

Students and Educators Researchers  Free Trial

Ensure student academic and career success using Keysight's educational program.

See how to incorporate 89600 VSA software into your scientific research.

Sign up for a 30-day free trial today                            


  • Visualize, troubleshoot and analyze over 75 signal types, for cellular, wireless-connectivity, aerospace & defense and general-purpose applications with the 89600 VSA software.
  • Deepen your understanding of LTE protocol with MAC, RRC, and RLC-layer message decoding with 89600 WLA software.
  • Co-simulate with Keysight EEsof SystemVue and ADS, or use to test devices by connecting to X-Series signal analyzers, InfiniiumInfiniiVision oscilloscopes and more, see a list of supported hardware.
  • Work with more than 100 built-in signal examples, the 89600 VSA software is an ideal teaching tool for engineering students, watch demos and examples on YouTube .
  • Get the fully functional 89600 VSA and WLA software at a discount for use in educational environments
    For multiple licenses, contact a Keysight representative by using the "Contact Keysight" link found at the bottom of this page
  • See how USF students benefit from the 89600 VSA software.
  • Read the Vector Signal Analysis Basics application note for an introduction to VSA measurements. 


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