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Connecting Design and Test - Seminar Downloads

Agilent Technologies Connected Solutions

Presented during May 2003 by Agilent Technologies and co-sponsored by Wireless Systems Design and Microwaves & RF magazines, the seminar Connecting Design and Test: Accelerating Product Development focused on current best practices for improving design productivity, from specification to verification.

The papers provided in the Connecting Design and Test seminar covered new design, verification, and test techniques that are successfully accelerating product development, including Agilent Technologies' Connected Solutions.

Connected Solutions refers to the integration of Agilent's Advanced Design System (ADS) EDA Software and Agilent instrumentation into a solution that enables new design and verification capabilities. For information on Agilent Technologies Connected Solutions, refer to Circuit Design & Test.

Technical Presentations

This section provides downloadable versions of all five of the technical presentations offered in the Connecting Design and Test seminar.

Accelerating Product Development with Connected Solutions


Agilent Connected Solutions is the integration of EDA (Electronic Design Automation) Software and test and measurement instrumentation into solutions that enable new design and verification capabilities.

Connected Solutions combine simulation and measurement, and allow the sharing of signals, measurements, algorithms, and data to solve unique problems that cannot be solved by EDA tools or instrumentation alone. This powerful new capability can make significant improvements to design processes as well as extending the functionality of test equipment by offering completely new measurement utilities.

In this paper, we will discuss the product development flow, as well as how Agilent Connected Solutions adds value by facilitating IP re-use throughout development, enabling early verification, and providing extensible solutions to solve tough problems.

Making Early Design Tradeoffs Using Advanced Measurement Based Behavioral Models


Agilent's EDA solution can be combined with the Performance Network Analyzer (PNA) to create non-linear amplifier behavioral simulation models from Device-Under-Test (DUT) measurements. Amplifier behavioral models created from measurements of existing hardware allow the amplifier to be quickly evaluated in a new system design modeled in the simulation environment using different modulated signal formats.

By quickly building advanced simulation models from measured data, you can make decisions earlier in the design cycle such as "make vs. buy". Component vendors will find that these types of behavioral models are affordable, compact, protect the intellectual property of designs, and facilitate sharing of your design with customers.

This paper illustrates this process. A new application guide utility for Advanced Design System (ADS) is used to demonstrate methods for automating the behavioral modeling process.

Verifying System Level Component Designs Early in the Design Flow


Have you ever wanted to test your design in process with external hardware to verify compatibility? With Agilent Connected Solutions, the virtual design world can be combined with real world tests to allow designers to validate their ADS design with external hardware in an integrated environment using ADS and Agilent instruments.

With these techniques, designers can verify their RF designs much earlier in the design process using simulated system design impairments saving time and money - even prior to fabrication. Also illustrated are common signal generation and analysis algorithms, used to provide consistency between simulation and measurement, providing the best possible accuracy for this type of verification process.

Flexible RF Test Bench for Emerging or Proprietary Standards


Product development for emerging technologies requires addressing new or proprietary requirements with flexibility. This implies either a lot of manual customization or a very flexible EDA tool and instrument platform. The flexibility implies customized "source" as well as customized "measurements" neither of which may be available when the project is begun. This paper describes the creation of a customized real world signal and corresponding measurement using a Connected Solutions test bench composed of Agilent's ESG/PSG sources and PSA/VSA analyzers and EDA software. Examples of customized signal formats and measurement are provided showing the broad applicability and extensibility of the approach.

Wireless Transceiver BER/PER Verification with Connected Solutions


Combining Agilent's synergistic design and test solutions provides added R&D value in helping to verify the Bit Error Rate (BER) or Packet Error Rate (PER) performance of RF hardware or baseband designs early in the design cycle. Independently validating the RF and baseband receiver blocks prior to integration provides the designer with higher confidence earlier in the design flow, and prior to fabrication. This paper discusses this exciting new R&D application, and shows examples for various wireless signal formats such as WLAN and WCDMA.

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