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See it for yourself – how the E3600 and U8000 Series fare versus the competition

BPS E3600 Series

The E3600 and U8000 Series comprise the bulk of Keysight’s basic power supplies in the 30–375 W range. Top features include:

  • Excellent line/load regulation
  • Low output noise
  • Fast load transient response (< 50 μs)

Through case studies, discover how a circuit powered by a noisy power supply can affect you. Find out what are the factors you should consider in choosing a DC Power Supply.

Excellent line/load regulation

Sourcing a stable, dependable DC power is crucial. The best power supply is one that is able to provide the most suppression to voltage/current surges and the fastest transient response. See how the E3600 Series fare versus other power supplies in its class:

Clean, low-noise power

Noise-sensitive circuits demand clean power, and more so when you need to supply low voltages. A power supply that does not contaminate your signal is one that outputs the lowest Vrms and Vp-p. See how the E3600 Series fare versus other power supplies in its class:

low noise screenshot

More protection and convenience

Basic applications require basic DC supply, yet the need for clean, dependable power stays. An extension of the E3600 Series, the U8000 Series provides single- and triple-output, non-programmable DC supply with capabilities that are typical of other models in its class. All these at an attractive price you’d find hard to believe.

Get reliable power, repeatable results with Keysight basic DC power supplies today!