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Does the Signal Studio for Pulse Building software run on a National Instruments embedded PXI controller like the one that comes with the N6030A arbitrary waveform generator demo hardware?

Yes, it does. However, the Keysight I/O Libraries may need to be installed as a secondary VISA and then the NI Tulip DLL may need to be enabled. This process is described in the Installation section of the N7620B online documentation.

Documents & Downloads

N7620B Signal Studio for Pulse Building Online Documentation (webhelp) 
Viewable online documentation that includes technical overview, release notes, tutorials, installation information, and more.

Help File 2017-12-12

89600 VSA Software Help Documentation (webhelp) 
Viewable online documentation provides information to use and operate the 89600 VSA. VSA 2019 Update 1.

Help File 2019-10-10