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Recommended Instrument Configurations for 200GAUI-4 & 400GAUI-8 C2M Receiver Test Setup

Recommended Instrument Configurations for 200GAUI-4 & 400GAUI-8 C2M Receiver Test Setup (accessories not listed):

M8040A 64 Gbaud High-performance BERT

  • M8040A-BU2 Bundle consisting of one M9505A 5-slot AXIe Chassis plus control module with USB option
  • M8045A-G32 Pattern Generator one Channel NRZ, Data Rate up to 32 GBaud (requires Remote Head, e.g. M8057A)
  • M8045A-0G2 Second Channel, Hardware and License (requires Remote Head, e.g. M8057A)
  • M8045A-0G3 Advanced Jitter Sources for Receiver Characterization, Module-wide License
  • M8045A-0G4 De-emphasis, Module-wide License
  • M8045A-0P3 PAM-4 Encoding up to 32 GBaud, Module-wide License
  • M8057A-FG Remote Head for M8045A Pattern Generator, 1 Channel, two remote heads are needed
  • M8046A-A32 Analyzer, one Channel, Data Rate up to 32 GBaud, NRZ
  • M8046A-0P3 PAM-4 Decoding up to 32 GBaud
  • M8070A-0TP System Software for M8000 Series of BER Test Solutions, Transportable, Perpetual License

N1076A Electrical Clock Recovery

  • N1076A-232 Supported input rates: 50 MBd to 32 GBd
  • N1076A-CR1 Clock Recovery Phase Matching Kit for N1076A Elec
  • N1076A-2P2 Microwave Pick-Off Tee 2.4mm connectors, matched pair
  • M8046A-802 matched cable pairs, two matched cable pairs are required

86100D DCA-X Infiniium DCA-X Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope Mainframe

  • 86100D-ETR Enhanced trigger, 13 GHz BW, pattern and module trigger
  • 86100D-PTB Internal Precision Timebase

86108B Precision Waveform Analyzer

  • 86108B-HBW 50 GHz Bandwidth, 2 Channel Electrical
  • 86108B-232 Supported input rates: 50 Mb/s to 32 Gb/s
  • 86108B-PT2 Two Phase Trimmers for external skew adjustment, 2.4 mm (optional)
  • 86108B-CA2 Matched Cable Pair, 2.4mm - 2.4mm 24 inch (optional)
  • 86108B-DC2 Two DC Block 2.4mm 16V 50KHz - 50 GHz (optional)

FlexDCA N1000-Series System software version 5.63 or above

  • 86100D-200 Enhanced Jitter Analysis (JP03A/JP03B patterns)
  • 86100D-201 Advanced Waveform Analysis (Software Equalizers, such as CTLE)
  • 86100D-9FP PAM-N Analysis Software (performs underlying PAM measurements)
  • 86100D-SIM InfiniiSim-DCA Waveform Transformation Toolset (embedding/de-embedding of cables or fixtures)

HCB/MCB are not offered by Keysight but are required for this application as well as additional cables and accessories