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What cable do you recommend for the M9203A I/O and Sync connectors?

Keysight Cable U5300A-102M9203A I/O and Sync ports use female MMCX (micro-miniature coaxial) connectors. These are small push-fit connectors with a lock-snap mechanism, and by their nature are not intended to be used in applications with a high connect/disconnect cycle rate.

To minimize the risk of connector damage, and reduce wear and tear, Keysight cable U5300A-102 is recommended for converting the MMCX connection to a BNC connection. This is a 1 meter long cable, with MMCX (male) to BNC (male) connectors.

One U5300A-102 cable is included with every M9203A order, and additional cables can be purchased from Keysight if required.

For more information about coaxial connectors, please visit Keysight Adapters and Connectors.