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Library of Waveforms for Trueform Waveform Generators

The 33500 Series and 33600 Series of Trueform waveform generators with built-in arbitrary waveform generators (33511B/33512B/21B/33522B/33611A/33612A /33621A/33622A ) come preloaded with several popular waveforms; Cardiac, exponential fall, exponential rise, Gaussian pulse, Haversine, Lorentz, D-Lorentz, negative ramp, sinc.

You can also create custom waveforms by capturing signals or designing them with Excel, Matlab or Benchlink or BenchVue

Or utilize our library of common signals below. Each zip file includes a library of arbitrary waveforms and a text file.

Simply download the files to a USB stick or use a USB cable to send directly to your waveform generator.


Documents & Downloads

Waveforms for automotive testing 
Twenty six waveforms commonly used in testing of road vehicle electrical and electronics component as laid out in ISO16750-2, LV124, ISO16750-2 and ISO7636-2.

Programming Example 2018-02-01

null ZIP 748.23 KB
DTMF waveforms for telecommunications  
A library of dual tone muti-frequency (DTMF) signals for each of the Touchtone numbers and characters used extensively in the communications industry to test for nonlinear distortion at the component, device, sub-system, and systems.

Programming Example 2018-02-01

null ZIP 1.01 MB
Waveforms for medical devices  
Waveforms for testing cardiac monitors, heart rate meters and alarms as laid out in the ANSI/ AMMI EC13 Standard. Includes vital signs such as ECG and Photo Plethysmography Waves with certain condition.

Programming Example 2018-02-01

null ZIP 1.31 MB
Waveforms for power simulation 
Several power waveforms including AC waveforms with phase control, full and half wave signals for filter testing.

Programming Example 2018-02-01

null ZIP 506 KB