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What adapters come with a high frequency (44 to 50 GHZ) UXA (N9040B) or PXA (N9030B) mm-wave analyzers?

UXA and PXA millimeter wave analyzers are shipped with the following adapters to make it easier to connect to devices with 2.4 mm, 3.5 mm, SMA, and 2.92 mm (type K) connectors: 

  • 2.4mm (female) to 2.4mm (female) barrel adapter, part number 33311-82005
  • 2.92 mm (K adapter, female) to 2.4 mm (female) barrel adapter, part number 1250-3782.

Note: 2.92 mm (type K) adapters will mate with 3.5 mm and SMA connectors. The 2.92 mm adapters are precision adapters that go up in frequency to 40 GHz.

For more information about coaxial connectors, please visit Keysight Adapters and Connectors.