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Comparisons of GNSS Solutions

The following table provides a comparison between two Keysight GPS signal creation solutions:

  • Option 409 GPS personality and Option 422 scenario generator for the E4438C ESG and E8267D PSG vector signal generators.
  • N7609B Signal Studio for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) application for the N5172B EXG or N5182B X-Series signal generators or the N5106A PXB baseband generator and channel emulator. (Table applies to software version 1.4 or later.)
Feature Option 409 GPS Personality with Option 422 Scenario Generator N7609B Signal Studio for GNSS
Real-time GPS signal simulation Yes Yes (Option PFP)
Real-time GLONASS signal simulation No Yes (Option SFP)
Real-time Galileo signal simulation No Yes (Option UFP)
Real-time Beidou signal simulation No Yes (Option WFP)
Real-time SBAS/QZSS No Yes (Option XFP)
Support receiver tests for time to first fix (TTFF), accuracy, and sensitivity Yes Yes
Maximum number of line-of-sight satellites (per constellation) 8 15
Maximum number of channels (including multipath) 8 40 for GPS, GLONASS, and/or Beidou
16 for Galileo
Multipath signals in scenario file No Yes
Add multipath signals in real-time No Yes
Real-time power and visibility control of individual satellites No Yes
Real-time satellites sky-view, power view and trajectory view No Yes
Ionospheric and tropospheric effects Fixed models for WCDMA and cdma2000® (Option 422) Yes, user-defined parameters
Moving receiver scenarios Yes (Option 422) Yes
Custom scenario generation and editing for GPS Yes (Option 422) Yes
Custom scenario generation and editing for GLONASS, Galileo, or Beidou No Yes
Real-time scenario generation No Yes
Maximum signal playback time 24 hours (limited by length of scenario file) 24 hours with scenario file, 7 days or longer with continuous scenario generation1
Antenna mask model Static scenarios only (Option 422) Static and dynamic scenarios
Edit leap second data No Yes
Trajectory generator to create GGA format files for dynamic scenario generation No Yes
Add calibrated AWGN No Yes (requires AWGN option in instrument)
Add real-time CW interference signal No Yes (Option NFP)
Create or playback single and multi-satellite waveform file No Yes (Option EFP)2, 3
A-GPS testing Combine with 8960 in GS-9000 Lite bench-top system Combine with 8960 in GS-9000 pre-conformance test system

1 With continuous (real-time) scenario generation, accuracy will degrade as the simulated time gets farther from the date/time of the almanac and ephemeris files.

2 N7609B-EFP for the creation and playback of single-satellite waveform files is also supported on the E4438C ESG, N5182A MXG, E8267D PSG, E6607 EXT, E6630A, E6640A EXM and M9381A PXIe VSG.

3 N7609B-EFP also supports multi-satellite waveforms creation and playback on N5172B EXG, N5182B MXG-B, E6607 EXT, E6630A or E6640A EXM wireless test set, M9381A PXIe VSG. Memory at least 256 MSa is needed for location fix waveform file.