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Our N4903A lost all of its licensed options. Can they be recovered?

  1. Minimize the GUI by going to Utility -> Minimize GUI
  2. Go to Start -> Run, type CMD and press Enter. This opens up a DOS window. At the command line type ->ipconfig /all
  3. Record the MAC Address (physical address/ethernet address/host id) of each Network Interface Card
  4. Maximize GUI again and go to Utility -> Licenses. Record Host ID displayed
  5. Minimize GUI and go to Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections. Disable the Network Interface that has the wrong Host ID. Make sure the one with the right Host ID is enabled. If necessary, move ethernet cable to other port.
  6. Reboot and go to Utility -> Licenses. Did the Host ID change? Are the options now installed?
  7. If this doesn’t re-enable the lost options, call the Agilent Test and Measurement Contact Center at 800-829-4444 for further assistance.