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How can I identify if the MWA software is installed on my ENA?

(SUPPORTED MODELS IN BOLD: E5071C E5072A E5070B/71B E5070A/71A E5061A/62A E5061B E5063A E5091A E5092A)

As the MWA back-end application is provided as a VBA program running on the ENA, the option number of the MWA (option 790) is not shown when initializing the ENA firmware (Figure 1), even if the software is installed on the ENA.

The key code of the MWA is stored in the ENA directory. See the following license file on the ENA and identify if the key code of the MWA is included or not.

(1) E5070B/E5071B
The key code of the MWA can be found at D:/Keysight/MWA/mwa.key of the ENA directory. If there is not a file in the directory, the MWA is not installed on the ENA.

(2) E5071C
The key code of the MWA is included in E:/License/gen.lic of the ENA directory. The file can be viewed with Notepad. (Figure 2)

Note: If the registration of the key code is done successfully, the warning message will not appear when launching the MWA back-end application. (Figure 3)

Figure 1

Figure 1. The options installed in the ENA (Displayed when initializing the ENA firmware)

Figure 2

Figure 2. Key code of the MWA included in the license file (gen.lic)

Figure 3

Figure 3. Warning message for a key code of the MWA