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TestExec SL 6.1 Overview

Keysight TestExec SL continues to boost productivity, offer unique advantages for test automation, and remains unbeaten for ease of use. This TestExec SL 6.1 release has these important new or updated features.

User-Defined Sequences

User-defined sequences are similar in concept to subroutines in a programming language. User-defined sequences allow you to better structure and view testplans, to reuse code, and are especially useful when dealing with large testplans and/or multiple test developers.

User-defined sequences can be either local sequences or standalone, sequence libraries. Local sequences reside in a testplan and can only be called from that testplan. Sequence libraries are particularly useful since they are standalone and not tied to a testplan. With sequence libraries, multiple engineers can develop measurement routines as separate sequences. These sequences can then be called and reused by one or more testplans.

After you have created a user-defined sequence, a Call statement allows you to call it from a testplan. The Call statement allows you to pass parameters from the testplan to the user-defined sequence and back.

.NET Actions and Handlers

TestExec SL supports action routines written in C# (pronounced C sharp) and all of the other managed (based on Microsoft’s .NET software technology) programming languages, including VB.NET--allowing you to take full advantage of all of the productivity benefits that these languages provide. These action routines are compiled to .NET assemblies, typically dynamic libraries (DLLs). Each assembly can contain one or more action routines. This allows you to group logically-related sets of action routines into a single assembly and increasing the modularity of your system.

TestExec SL supports handlers written in C# and all of the other managed programming languages. These handlers are compiled to .NET assemblies, typically dynamic libraries (DLLs). Each assembly can contain one or more handlers, which are modeled as software classes.

Enhanced TestExec SL Control

The TestExec SL Control is an ActiveX control that allows you to write code that interacts with TestExec SL programmatically. In past releases, you could use this control for creating operator user interfaces. In this release, the control has been enhanced to allow full control of testplans, sequences and actions.