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How can I use the 8360 Series of Synthesizer as 8970B/S System LO?

To use the 8360 series of synthesizer as 8970B/S System LO, the language switch setting at the rear panel of the synthesizer should be set to 1 (network analyzer mode). Special function sp 41.4 on the Noise Figure meter can be used to control the 8360 synthesizer. Sp 41.4 gives the noise figure meter control over the sweeper frequency, but the output power is fixed at 6dBm. To further control the power level, use sp 42.5 to modify the power setting, if the power level requirement is within 0 to 30dBm, otherwise use sp 42.0 (auxiliary commands).

To do this, activate sp 41.4 first to ensure the correct program is in the temporary memory. Then activate sp 42.5 and key in the required output power level in the Noise Figure Meter. If the required power level is outside the range 0-30dBm, then activate sp 42.0 and output the following sequence: PL XXXDB in ASCII. For example if the required ouput level is -10 dBm, then output the sequence PL -10DB in ASCII.